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Karrimor is a British brand of backpacks, outdoor and sports equipment, and clothing. The company was founded as the Karrimor Bag Company in 1946. Financial difficulties beginning in the late 1990s led to the company entering receivership in March 2003, after which the trademark was acquired by Sports Direct and is now used for various budget outdoor and running products.

A user "Sue Taylor" recounts her experience with Karrimor's products on the "Reviews.io" website on September 17, 2020:

"Disappointed, the jumper arrived with a price tag of £21.99 but I was charged £42.99 plus postage. No way of contacting you so I have sent it back ( costing me £5postage. So no jumper and out of pocket by £10post. Not happy."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"This is a prime example of a company getting in their own way and destroying business from the inside out. Sports Direct has destroyed both the Bob’s and EMS brands that they own. Leaders from the UK Sports Direct Division won’t even talk to lower level HQ people or people from stores so they have no idea what’s going on in the stores. Poor decision making across the board in upper management at HQ, nobody cares to hear what their direct reports or people from the stores have to say. They don’t care about anybody but themselves-multiple store level people have left and they don’t care to retain them and call them “traitors.” Only lower level HQ people and District Managers care about the people in stores. They put business above the good of their employees. There have been no raises for over ten years and they are not willing to pay staff in big cities better wages to afford to live-most store employees have multiple jobs or live on campgrounds. The heads of departments think people in their stores and the people that work for them are dumb and will not let anyone do their jobs, there is constant micro-management. They have no respect for anyone and think they are better than everyone who works under them."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"management was awful. pay was awful. environment was awful. mental health and physical health was never taken into account, i received bare minimum training and then was thrown in with little to no knowledge of the products or the way the shop even worked. DO NOT WORK AT SPORTS DIRECTnothingeverything"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Bad customer serviceLack of managementSecurity guard checksNo communicationInconsistent managementNo training of productsMost enjoyable part was furloughNoneDon’t listen when you tell them of other working commitments"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Pretty rubbish job don’t recommend to anyone at all, zero hour contract and every single person on different pay, get weeks of no hours at all then a day of a 1 hour shiftGood friendsMoney, hours"

Sale Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I just did Christmas temp and let me tell you that they are -Rude -Even rude to customers! -Doesn’t even smile or say hi when you greet them (not all of them tbh) -Mean -you will sacrifice for them but they will never. Such as if they need you, you will go but when you need a day off, they never let you. -Make you work so much compared to the salary -Always will blame you on something you didn’t do -If you did something that is not how it supposed to be done, they brag about so much. -Doesn't let you talk if you are right -Doesn’t treat everyone same. (Bias)NothingEverything"

cashier (Former Employee) says

"Working there , staff where was passive aggressive. they were not very friendly to work with. they make you feel as if you are not doing enough. however you can only level up and learn more than your supposed toGreat experienceTerrible pay"

Casual Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"poor management poor pay short staffed short breaks does build up teamwork and common sense skills - a lot of independent work builds up memory skills very well"

Retail Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working in that environment I feel I was not treated well, and the level of respect from managers to staff was unacceptable. I was unhappy working there."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ever worked for .i left this company 8 years back but still regret for wasting my energy and time .I wish one day this company will get bankrupt.and those Managers in our time should suffer worst in their life who was unfair to my colleagues n mistreat my lovely hardworking Asian colleagues ."

Casual Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. It is awful at the individual shop level and the company as a whole. The management,staff and CEO are terrible. I don't know how this business is allowed to run."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They pay below minimum wage, you're not trained and instead you are just thrown into work and expected to know what to do, you have to get to work 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late (unpaid), they go through your bags and pat you down at the end of each shift, management is awful."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Were made to stay an hour after our shift ended without being paid, management was unbelievably rude and didn't care about your well being in the slightest. Disgusting company.NoneThe whole job"

Topups (Former Employee) says

"Completely bad experience thats all i will say No benefit what so ever to work here completely agency work no one will ever get a full time job working there and pay is bad"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Working for sports sports direct then you have run out of places to work in Antrim you have hit the lowest point in your career especially if your subject to contracted hours and that's 20 hours a week so it's best to wait on benefits until there are better job prospects in Antrim, the management has created a toxic working environment full of discrimination on certain areas of the workforceNoneEverything"

customer assistant (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to work with customers and how to treat them well. the hardest part of the job was not being allowed to sit down for the entire shift. the most enjoyable part of the job was getting to work with new people each day and sometimes even serving customers that were buying toddlers first shoes."

Christmas Temp (Former Employee) says

"Mentally tiring job, difficult environment to work in. Staff morale was quite low and I found it difficult to assist customers with their needs as there was often a communication barrier."

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"the management is bad,every day you need to work at diferent place and its very stresfull.lot of the workers dosent speaks eanglish.The management dosent help you if you have any kind of problems."

Casual Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is really not worth writing a review about. Higher management treat people like slaves, on the busiest of days you'll be lucky to have 5 colleagues in the building coping with customers, going between the stockrooms. Having to take shoes that are not tagged over to the till only having a few people on the tills with customers waiting to be served whilst management are no where to be seen or standing around the front of the store chatting away!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"taunton sports direct are sexist, they’ll only allow girls on tills and boys on shoes also meaning they end up earning alot more. not to mention how mean the managers are. Had no training at all so was clueless and they left other new staff to train me."

Retail assistant (Former Employee) says

"Managers seem to think they're something special. They never liked being wrong and when I you prove them wrong they're after you from then. Do not work for this company ever especially in belfast city centre"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years and never really felt the need to leave a review but for this place I’ll make an exception. This is hands down one of the worst places you can ever work. It really should be illegal. The work conditions are horrible. You’re on your feet for long shifts with only a half an hour unpaid break. The staff can’t speak English. Most of the managers are on the same pay as you yet try and talk to you like you’re beneath them. Honestly, I wish everyone just took a stand, Sports Direct is a multimillion pound company that gives nothing back to its staff. The Polish/Romanian workers I guess just get on with it but it’s sad and depressing. The work is easy but physically demanding. 2 weeks in and I developed back pain. I wouldn’t recommend this job to my worst enemy. The company makes me sick, and in this day an age, treating employees like slaves and like dirt on the bottom of your shoes should not exist in this country. Honestly sickening."

Cookie says

"My previous Karrimor jacket finally gave up on the zip after 8 years of walking my pooch. I thought no probs, buy the same again. What a difference! Firstly I paid £79.99, but the jacket arrived with a 50% off price tag at £39.99. You cannot phone or chat with anyone, but the quality was poor. Socks I ordered at £13.99 for two pairs came with a sticker saying ‘special price ‘ at £7.00.I was not offered the lower price on either product so I have sent it all back for a full refund. I wish I had noted the previous comments about Karrimor now being a cheap ‘ sports direct brand’. Never again"

Alan says

"I was given a pair of Karrimor Mount boots as a gift.
I didn't use them for a couple of months.
First time I put them on, one of the rivets holding an eyelet popped & rendered them useless.

I purchased a leather riveting kit off Amazon & repaired the broken rivet. Only for another rivet to pop the second time I put them on.

On the plus side the cheap leather rivet repair kit was great & the repaired rivet held brilliantly. I'd rate the £7 rivet repair kit far more than I rate these £75 boots. Which is good as it looks like I'm going to be repairing alot of rivets!"

mike5878 says

"Awful hiking shoes, supposedly waterproof my feet were soaked within half a mile of walking on wet grass. These shoes are dangerously slippy when walking on wet grass and mud, I had to cut short my hill walk and return on the road as I was sure I would end up having a nasty fall if I continued on to the higher stretch of terrain. Ruined a day out, have just ordered a proper pair of hiking boots elsewhere, I wouldn't wear these again on a walk to shops nevermind in North Yorkshire."

Phillip Drysdale says

"Bought some Kinder walking boots. Took them out of the box, laced them up and the top lace-hook flew off. Unbelievably poor quality. Sent straight back for full refund. Karrimor used to be a very high quality specialist supplier; what happened? Assuming it is the baleful influence of Sports Direct and Mike Ashely. Literally everything he touches turns to 5h*t."

Ralph Kent says

"Had a pair of Karrimor walking shoes which had seen very light usage before the sole started to separate from the upper part of the shoe. The rest of the shoe was pretty much as new. Contacted Sports Direct (owners of the Karrimor brand) as directed by the Karrimor website - numerous emails as the employees at Sports Direct seemed ignorant of the fact that Karrimor was now owned by Sports Direct. Painful.

Karrimor used to be a reliable brand. No longer. Avoid their poorly made products would be my advice."

breda o'reilly says

"I bought a pair of Karrimor walking shoes in may 19 in Sports Direct in Dublin. I walked 2/3 times per week until october when I wore boots. I used them again from may 2020. In october the sole of one shoe split from upper part. When I returned them to the shop I was told to contact Sports Direct customer services. I got no satisfaction from there. Because they were purchased more than a year ago I was not due a replacement or a refund. For 65 euro(reduced price) I would expect them to last longer. I would not recommend Karrimor shoes or will I ever agsin buy anything in Sports Direct. Very poor customer service.

Breda O Reilly"

Robert Indruch says

"Karrimor Wildcat Mid Mens Walking Boots
Bought these boots a year ago just for dog walking. They felt ok at the beginning, but after a year the insole in the left boot started moving when walking.
After few more walks this resulted in my feet being painful and I could not wear the boots any longer.
Have tried replacing the insoles. Strangely the new right insole fits with no issues, the left one I had to cup off with scissors...
Anyway, I would expect a bit more from boots with Vibram outsole. For dog walking 2x a day for about 30 min I would not expect any issues.
I am quite disappointed, seems that boots for £65? Will end up in the bin."

L Howarth says

"Karrimor Hot Rock Ladies walking boots. Paid £44.99 from Sports Direct. Lasted exactly 7 months. Although extremely comfortable while I had them, I would expect them to last much longer. The sole literally came away on both boots in a very short space of time. I would not recommend."

rawlinson says

"Bought Karrimor Blencathra boots from Sports Direct.a mistake on both points! The boots were great for a couple of months but then they both started letting in water.Tried contacting Sports Direct and they ignored all of my messages and I found it impossible to speak to customer service.My advice,dont buy Karrimor products,they used to have a good name but no more,and dont buy from Sports Direct,they will send your items swiftly but if you have a problem they dont want to know.Be warned!"

Marina Bottali Price says

"I purchased a ladies karrimor pink Berry Sierra jacket online. It said it is waterproof, wind proof and breathable on the label. The reason I purchased this jacket is because it says it is breathable it also stated it’s ok for cycling and running. I only cycled eight miles the last two days and have only worn the jacket twice. Both times the inside of the jacket was soaking wet making my jumper and tea shirt wet and damp. Not a good thing to happen is it. This is a warning to other cyclist or runners not to get this jacket. Karrimor I have wasted my hard earned money on a jacket that is no good. This is the first and last time I will purchase from one of your suppliers sports direct on line. How can I send it back after wearing it as they will not want it and will say it has been worn 🥵🥵"

Teresa N'Guessan says

"I paid £39.99 plus £9.99 postage for a pair of walking poles, bought online directly from Karrimor.
They arrived bearing a sale tag price of £19.99. Obviously there’s nothing I can do about this as I bought them for the advertised price.
I do, however, believe that Karrimor’s practice is very underhand and misleading.
We’ve been using Karrimor poles for many years but will now find a different brand, hopefully from a more honest supplier.
Shame on you Karrimor!"

John Hunt says

"They just wear out so quickly. These so called waterproof boots are OK for a vey short time but walking in wet grass for any length of time will result in wet feet. The sole just wears down so so quickly."

Andrea says

"I also bought a pair of Karrimor Cordova 2 ladies"Weathertite" boots. I wore them once last week on a very cold dry morning to walk my dog across the fields. After 10 minutes my feet were soaking wet despite the claims of a waterproof lining and being suitable for all weathers. Buyer beware. These are going straight back!"

James Stephenson says

"Rubbish hiking boots 2 years old only used a few times on holiday walking dogs in fields and woods no hard groung, leaked like a sieve in long and short grass even though waterproofed every time used and now the sole has parted company from the uppers non repairable and at £50 a pair definitely not value for money??????
On a footnote, I believe KARRIMOR are manufactured in China,
I rest my case 🤔"

Mr gary francis says

"Weathertite snow boots ,as much use as a chocolate fire guard. 2 weeks old leak like a sieve. Never buy karrimoor again. Buyer beware.!!!!"

Ellen Rose says

"I've always had Karrimor boots but recently the quality is awful, soles coming away from the boots, replacements not much better, Will never buy Karrimor or from Sports Direct again."

Jill Stocks says

"Karrimore used to be good boots and shoes but my last pair only lasted 2 months before splitting. After reading these reviews and looking at the website there is no way to return used faulty goods to sports direct. I will not buy from sports direct again, how can this be legal, consumer protection laws state that the item must be fit for purpose and shoes are for walking in."

janice godfrey says

"Karrimor Aspen Low ladies walking shoe from Sports direct in late March last year. Sole on both shoes came away after a couple of months of wear. No response to repeated emails requesting help from Sports Direct. I would take them back to the store and demand a refund but there is a pandemic on and now I have no shoes to walk in. Shame - they were comfortable while they lasted."

Graham Eastwood says

"Well pleased with my £50 kerrimore boots ,nice and light and comfortable,but upset when I walked in the rain.both leaked ,don’t think they will take them back although I’ve only worn them three times ,I’ll go back to my sketchers when it rains ."

Yogi says

"My karrimor walking shoes lasted 3 years and walked me everywhere. HOWEVER, just bought 2nd pair of walking boots to replace 1st pair. The LACE LOOP SNAPPED after 3rd use again. I shall now be purchasing a different brand. £39.99 wasted. £11 postage to return 1st faulty pair. Karrimors quality has deteriorated drastically. Very dissatisfied."

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